1. ICLR
    Dynamic Time Lag Regression: Predicting What & When
    In International Conference on Learning Representations 2020
  2. AGU
    Bayesian Inference of Quasi-Linear Radial Diffusion Parameters using Van Allen Probes
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    1. Chapter 9 - Probabilistic Forecasting of Geomagnetic Indices Using Gaussian Process Models
      Chandorkar, Mandar, and Camporeale, Enrico
    2. AGU
      Multiple-hour-ahead forecast of the Dst index using a combination of long short-term memory neural network and Gaussian process
      Gruet, Marina A,  Chandorkar, M, Sicard, Angélica, and Camporeale, Enrico
      Space Weather 2018


    1. AGU
      Probabilistic forecasting of the disturbance storm time index: An autoregressive Gaussian process approach
      Chandorkar, MCamporeale, E, and Wing, S
      Space Weather 2017


    1. AGU
      On the propagation of uncertainties in radiation belt simulations
      Camporeale, Enrico, Shprits, Yuri,  Chandorkar, Mandar, Drozdov, Alexander, and Wing, Simon
      Space Weather 2016


    1. IEEE
      Fixed-size least squares support vector machines: Scala implementation for large scale classification
      Chandorkar, MandarMall, Raghvendra, Lauwers, Oliver, Suykens, Johan AK, and De Moor, Bart
      In 2015 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence 2015